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Manual for the VAT free purchase application


Do not hesitate to contact us if you no longer have your credentials.


  • Request and enter / scan the unique number of the diplomat's VAT-exclusive diplomatic card, press 'Send'.

  • A unique 4-digit code is sent to the diplomat's mobile number.

  • Ask and enter the 4-digit code in the dedicated box, press 'Submit'.

  • Ask for and validate the diplomat's account holder name, press 'Next'.


  • Enter the purchase receipt number. 

  • Enter the invoice amount excluding VAT in the box corresponding to the VAT %. 
    (If the invoice contains (a) product(s) with a different VAT%, please also enter the amount without VAT of that/those product(s) in the second box.)

  • Enter the total invoice amount including VAT.

  • Then select a product category that corresponds to the * main product, press 'Next'.

* the product representing the highest amount excluding VAT.


  • Check the preview and press 'Continue'.

  • The registration of the VAT-free transaction is successful once you've received the message. Only then you can authorize a payment for the purchase amount excluding VAT.

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Do you have any questions?
Please contact Valerie Janssens by
Or by phone: +32 2 402 30 93

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