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Am I entitled?
Organizations and individuals that are granted the tax-free fuel privilege can apply for a tax-free fuel card. As an individual you should be in the possession of an MFA ID-card as well as a vehicle that is registered with diplomatic plates.

Where can I use my tax-free fuel card offered by Diplomatic Card Company?
This fuel card is accepted at any fuel station in the Netherlands.

What fuel type can I choose?
You can choose the fuel type that is indicated on the vehicle registration certificate. For your convenience also coolants, motor oils and car washes can be paid with your tax-free fuel card (however not exempted from VAT).

How do I use my tax-free fuel card at the fuel station?
Simply swipe your fuel card at the payment terminal and finalize the transaction with the unique PIN.

Do I have to collect receipts?
No. Your transactions are bundled on a weekly basis. Each Monday you receive our direct debit notification. You are charged the duty-free fuel prices. We take care of your OB100 form.

Can I have more than 1 fuel card per vehicle?
Yes. You can have more than 1 fuel card per vehicle.

How to block a fuel card in case of theft or loss?
In order to block your fuel card, please send a written confirmation to

What to do in case I forget my PIN code?
Should you forget your PIN code, then kindly contact our support desk by phone (+31 76 54 87 344) or by e-mail ( For security reasons a fuel card is blocked for 24 hours after the third wrong attempt.

What to do if I change of vehicle?
In case you change of vehicle, then we only need a copy of the vehicle registration certificate. You do not have to complete a new application form.

When is my account active?
Your fuel account is active as from the first day of the month following your registration. This restriction is in line with the restrictions set by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

What are the charges?
We only charged a fixed cost of € 3,00 (excluding VAT) per active fuel card per month. There is ni such thing as a subscription fee.

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Any more questions?

Call us on +31 76 54 87 344

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