6 good reasons...

to use the Diplomatic Card tax free fuel service

Applying for the Diplomatic Card is 100% free of charge.

Duty­-free fuel pricing

You fill up your vehicle instant duty-free at the local petrol station. The duty-free list price of the concerned oil brand is a price 55% to 60% less the price indicated at the petrol station (depending on the fuel group).


Reduced administration

Diplomatic Card Company helps to reduce your administration. The need to save your individual fuel receipts and processing them on a quarterly base via the OB100 customs form is eliminated.



The Diplomatic Card is accepted at all petrol stations in the Netherlands. More than 4.000 petrol stations and over 1.000 locations of car wash, ensure the most convenient driving experience.

Check your invoice online at any time

Online management and reporting

The E-services allow you to maintain your active fuel cards and to access different data linked to your fuel consumption, billing, etc.

Personal contact and service

Diplomatic Card strongly believes in the power of personal contact. Precise assistance is brought to you by a dedicated team.

You can depend on the reliability and expertise of the Diplomatic Card team.

Single monthly fee

All benefits of the Diplomatic Card are available to you for one single monthly, administrative fee per active fuel card.