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Are there different tax-free fuel cards?

Yes, being a customer of Diplomatic Card Company gives you the unique opportunity to choose one of the following tax-free fuel cards: the Total tax-free fuel card, the Texaco tax-free fuel card and the Diplomatic Card; a fuel card accepted at all petrol stations in the Netherlands.

How long does it take to deliver my Diplomatic Card?

Your Diplomatic Card will be delivered in person within five working days from the treatment of your application form.

Is it possible to purchase any type of fuel with my Diplomatic Card?

Your Diplomatic Card can be used to purchase fuel belonging to the fuel group (Diesel: diesel and special diesel or petrol: Euro95 and special petrol) mentioned in the contract specifications of your application form.

How do I use my Diplomatic Card at the petrol station?

You insert your Diplomatic Card in the external card reader, then simply follow the instructions on the screen. In Express-petrol stations and during night time, you confirm by card first, then fill up your vehicle. During day time you can fill up first, after which you confirm by card in the petrol station-shop.

Can I have more than just 1 card for my quota?

Yes, for both personal and official use, more than one card can be issued per quota per vehicle.

Can I use my Diplomatic Card abroad?

Your entitlement to tax-free fuel is granted by the Dutch Authorities because your mission is located in the Netherlands. The use of the card is thereby limited within the borders of the Netherlands.

Is it possible to block my card in case of theft or loss?

Your card can be blocked in both the above-mentioned situations by calling the Card Centre. Your problem will be solved with just one phone call. In addition, the Card Centre will create a replacement card at once (if applicable).

How can I find out the price of my fuel?

Diplomatic Card Company gets charged the list price per oil brand. This price follows the price fluctuations of the oil market and this may change on a regular base. Please contact our Card Centre if you want to know the daily fuel price.


Depending on the applicable tax package [A – Excise Duty & Value Added Tax (~VAT), B - Excise Duty only] the Diplomat will be charged VAT as well.

What should I do if I enter a wrong PIN code and my card is blocked?

For security reasons, your Diplomatic Card will be blocked after three failed attempts.

In order to unblock your Diplomatic Card, kindly contact our Card Centre.