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Can I buy everywhere?

Yes you can purchase goods at any store in the Netherlands.

Can I pay everywhere VAT-free?

At all ‘connected stores’ the VAT card enables you to purchase your preferred goods VAT free at the moment of the sale. Do not forget to check our network to have an update overview of all the connected stores!

Can I buy at a store that is not listed as a ‘connected store’?

At stores that are not connected, you can purchase your goods VAT included. Diplomatic Card will reimburse your VAT amounts within 24 hours after the validation of your original invoices or receipts.

How can I get my VAT amounts reimbursed by Diplomatic Card within
24 hours?

1. Ask the store for an original document of the sale. The following documents are accepted; an invoice, a ‘BTW-bon’ or a ‘verzamelnota’.
2. Send us the original documents by post, or contact the Card Centre for collection of your documents at your organisation.
3. Upon reception of your original documents and validation the VAT amounts are refunded to your personal bank account within 24 hours.

Can I use my VAT card abroad?

Your entitlement to exemption from VAT on goods is granted by the Dutch Authorities. Because your Diplomatic Mission is located in the Netherlands, the use of the card is thereby limited to within the borders of the Netherlands.

Is it possible to purchase any type of product with the VAT card?

The VAT card can be used at stores that sell clothing, perfume and cosmetics, electronics, jewellery, furniture and others. Kindly check the list of goods and services which are not included.

Can I request more than one VAT card?

Yes, the members of the household of an eligible are entitled to have their own VAT card at the same conditions.

Is it possible to block my VAT card in case of theft or loss?

Yes. By calling our Card Centre your VAT card shall instantly be blocked. In addition we will make sure a replacement card reaches you the soonest. This without any charges.

How long does it take to have my VAT card delivered?

The delivery of your VAT card(s) takes a maximum of 5 working days, upon receipt of the deposit.

What are the charges associated with this service?

For more information on our charge kindly contact our Card Centre.

How does the VAT card work at the point of sale of a store?

Check the VAT Card page to find out more.

Do I have to call the Card Centre before paying?

No. You can directly proceed with a VAT free payment after the transaction is validated at the point of sale of the store.